A History of Kingston upon Hull's TramwaysMalcolm Wells, A4, Hardback, 364pp£50.00
A History of the British Steam Tram Volume 1Early chapters set the Victorian scene, with one, ‘Trams & Traps’, telling how the posh …£40.00
A History of the British Steam Tram Volume 2Tramway Companies A-B. The pagination in this volume increased from 180 to 256 but to …£40.00
A History of the British Steam Tram Volume 3Tramway Companies C-L. Earlier editions of this leaflet anticipated that this volume would cover tramways …£45.00
A History of the British Steam Tram Volume 4Volume 4 is yet another example of trying to place a quart of liquor in …£45.00
A History of the British Steam Tram Volume 5For a number of reasons, not the least an avalanche of new and previously unknown …£45.00
A History of the British Steam Tram Volume 6D.Gladwin, hardback, 256pp£45.00
A History of the British Steam Tram Volume 7 (in 2 parts)Includes a complete reprint of: Some remarks on working street tramway lines by steam power …£95.00
All Dressed Up and Somewhere to GoDecorated trams, by David Voice, softback, A4, 92pp.£20.00
Battery Trams of the British IslesDavid Voice, 56pp, B5, £12. Introduction Acknowledgements Chapter 1 – Camille Alphonse Faure, Anthony Reckenzaun …£12.00
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Double Deck Trams of the World, Beyond the British IslesBrian Patton, A4 softback, 180pp, covers coloured both sides, Sections cover trams in Europe, Africa, …£18.00
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Edinburgh’s Transport. Volume 2D.L.G. Hunter. Edited by Alan Brotchie. Softback, 192 pages Contents: Introduction; The New Corporation Transport …£20.00
Electric Tramway TractionA. Greatorex (Borough Engineer and Surveyor, West Bromwich), reprint of 1900 orginal, 92pp hardbacked in …£25.00
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Freight on Street TramwaysDavid Voice, B5, softback, 66pp£12.00
Hong Kong Tramways Limited - Rules, Regulations & instructions for Inspectors, Motormen, Conductors and other Traffic Department Employees.Reprint, 96 b/w pages, 1 pull out diagram.£25.00
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Last Rides, Funeral Trams Around the World  Softback, A4, 53 pages£10.00
London County Council Tramways, map and guide to car services, February 1915Reprint, 12″ x 17″, folding out into 12 sections£8.00
London's Last TramsCovers the final few weeks of the London trams culminating in the last run in …£28.00
Metropolitan Electric, London United and South Metropolitan Electric Tramways routes map and guide, summer 1925reprint, c.14” x 17”, folding out into 15 sections,£8.00
Modern Tramway, reprint of volumes 1 & 2, 1938-1939A4 cloth hardback£38.00
Next Stop Seaton! – 66 Years of Modern Electric Tramways LtdFourth revised and enlarged edition, D. Voice, A4, softback, 166pp, coloured covers£25.00
Next Stop Seaton. 55 Years of Modern Electric Tramways Ltd2nd enlarged and revised edition   D. Jay and D. Voice. B5 softback, 142pp, coloured …£20.00
Shocking Solutions to a Current ProblemSHOCKING SOLUTIONS TO A CURRENT PROBLEM How tramways tried to find an alternative to overhead …£16.00
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The Twilight Years of the Edinburgh TramAlan Brotchie. Softback, A4, 194 photographs, including 152 in colour, 112pp “…the author has done …£25.00
The Twilight Years of the Glasgow TramThe Twilight Years of the Glasgow Tram Softback, 144 pages Contains over 250 coloured pictures …£25.00
The Twilight Years of the Trams in Aberdeen and DundeeSoftback, 120pp, 231 illustrations, mostly coloured, with captions and Introduction by Alan Brotchie Includes photographs …£25.00
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Tramway ReflectionsIn this book David Voice, one of Britain’s foremost tramway historians, takes a tour around …£25.00
Tramway Review, Volumes 1 and 2Reprint of issues 1-16, 1950-1954 of this still flourishing periodical. Hardback Includes articles on tramways …£23.00
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