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List 147 now available online

Since breaking my ribs and suffering numerous falls I have had to review my whole business.   Fortunately my youngest son Barnabas (Barney) has effectively taken over the whole of the printing and new book side, although he has a full time job in market research.  I am hopeful that my eldest son James will begin to take over the secondhand side, although he has a full time job as a stockbroker. 

I am proposing a few drastic changes – I think my secondhand lists have been far too large and detailed and therefore plan to cut them by half, six pages instead of 12, and issued approx. every 4 months.  Comments or suggestions welcome! 

UPDATE: Since I wrote this I have suffered a stroke spending 2 weeks in hospital but am now back at home.  Physically I’m fine but my speech has been impacted and telephone conversations can be difficult.  Could I ask any orders placed are either sent to my email address or to my son Barney on 07795201502.  Please leave a message for him if he doesn’t pick up.  Also can all payments now be sent to Barney at: 

42 Merewood Avenue, Oxford, OX3 8EF 

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