Second Hand Catalogue
New customers: please note that I always try and note serious defects, but not blemishes like inscriptions, bookplates, odd handwritten notes, slight creasing/grubbiness/tears, dust spots, or rusty staples. Inevitably dustwrappers (d/w) are often worn at the edges. Also folded maps often have small tears at the folds, but again, I will note any more serious tears.
Postage is extra at cost, and there is no packing charge for second-hand material. This list only represents a fraction of my stocks – please enquire about other titles.
Measurements I give for posters, plans, photographs etc. are approximate.
Abbreviations: dw = dustwrapper, pp = pages, pb or sb = softback, hb = hardback, inc = includes, OS = Omnibus Society
Finally: If anyone is considering disposing of some or all of their collections, then distance is no object, my son Barnabas [07795201502] can travel to calls in England, while I can cover Scotland.

Tram Tickets

Brighton Corporation Trams, 1 1/2d Aquarium/Lewes Road Terminus, pink & white, UA 8839£12.00
Brighton Corporation Trams, 1 1/2d, tr=Railway Arches (Lewes Road), pink & white stripes, Lt 4241£12.00
Brighton Corporation Trams, 1 1/2d. Tr=Seven Dials, NJ 4980, green & white stripes£12.00
Brighton Corporation Trams, 1d blue, tr = Preston Circus, Sy 5446£12.00
Brighton Corporation Trams, 1d green, br=Dyke Rd Terminus, Ju 9193£12.00
Brighton Corporation Trams, 1d greeny-blue, bl = Port Hall Road, It 9289£12.00
Brighton Corporation Trams, 1d grey, bl = College, GZ 9358£12.00
Brighton Corporation Trams, 1d ivory, tr = Bottom of Elm Grove, Ik 4825£12.00
Brighton Corporation Trams, 1d tr=Railway Arches Lewes Road, Ap 6391£12.00
Brighton Corporation Trams, pink, br=Rock Gardens, Eg 2966£12.00
Hythe and Sandgate Tramway, 3d, Br 3289£25.00
Wolverhampton District Electric Tramways Ltd, 1 1/2d, orange, overprinted "JOINT" in red, faint sign of paste, num 1-6, 10E 6252£25.00
Wolverhampton District Electric Tramways Ltd, 2d red and white, num 1-6 25z 3420, faint sign of paste£20.00
Wolverhampton District Electric Tramways Ltd, 2d, num 1-4, faint signs of paste, lilac, 16L 3534£25.00
Wolverhampton Dist. Elec. Tramways Ltd 2d num 1-4, 16F 4382, faint evidence of paste£25.00