Second Hand Catalogue
New customers: please note that I always try and note serious defects, but not blemishes like inscriptions, bookplates, odd handwritten notes, slight creasing/grubbiness/tears, dust spots, or rusty staples. Inevitably dustwrappers (d/w) are often worn at the edges. Also folded maps often have small tears at the folds, but again, I will note any more serious tears.
Postage is extra at cost, and there is no packing charge for second-hand material. This list only represents a fraction of my stocks – please enquire about other titles.
Measurements I give for posters, plans, photographs etc. are approximate.
Abbreviations: dw = dustwrapper, pp = pages, pb or sb = softback, hb = hardback, inc = includes, OS = Omnibus Society
Finally: If anyone is considering disposing of some or all of their collections, then distance is no object, my son Barnabas [07795201502] can travel to calls in England, while I can cover Scotland.

Time & Fare Tables, Guides & Maps

3” x 5” Cheltenham District Traction Company, omnibus time table, 1.6-30.9.1935, 16pp£65.00
5” x 4” folded, Trafford Park Tramways, Time Table, code = 8.5.11£35.00
52 x 4” folded card, Newcastle Corporation Transport, Fenham & Central Tram Service, Time Table 19.10,1931£35.00
ABC London Coastal Coaches Ltd Guide, times and fares, Summer Programme season 1930, overstamped winter 1930-31, 108pp£75.00
Aldershot & District TCL, from 24th March 1947, 116pp£45.00
Bath Electric Tramways Ltd & Bath Tramways Motor Co. Ltd., Bath City Services, 23.8.1959, 20pp£6.00
Beddoe’s, Staines, Egham, Ashford, Feltham and District, May 1945, 128pp£35.00
Bere Regis & District Motor Services, c.1964, ink amends, .loose sheets re Woolland – Blandford, + Dorchester – Frampton & Sturminster Newton£25.00
Birmingham T.O.S. (Tram, omnibus and street guide), 1935 edition, 72pp + large foldout map£85.00
Blowers LT complete road and rail timetable, Watford, Pinner, Northwood, Rickmansworth and District, June 1944, 132pp£35.00
Blowers LT complete road and rail timetable, William Pile Ltd, Sutton, Cheam and District, November 1943, a little fading to covers, 64pp£35.00
Bristol Omnibus Co Ltd, Bristol City Services, 27.4.1958, 113pp + foldout map£35.00
Bristol Tramways Omnibus Services, Country Services, 29.5 to 17.9.1955, 208pp + foldout map£37.00
Browns Blue Coaches Ltd timetable from 1.1.1961, 38pp£30.00
City of Oxford MSL, timetable effective 11th November 1962, 172pp + foldout map£25.00
Cumberland Motor Services Ltd, time table from 13.10.1946, 64pp, some small edge nicks£45.00
Cumberland Motor Services Ltd, time table from 27th June 1948,72pp£42.00
Devon General Omnibus & Touring Co. Ltd. ex OS stamps, 11.7.1948, 144pp, no map£25.00
East Midland omnibus services time table May 18th 1947, 88pp + foldout map, ex Omnibus Society labels & stamps£40.00
East Yorkshire Motor Services Ltd, summer 1954, ex OS stamps, rusty staples, 216pp + foldout map£38.00
Eastern Coach Services between London and East Anglia, 1.10.1947, 8pp£15.00
Eastern National Eastern Section 4th June 1949, 192+20+20pp + foldout map£43.00
Eastern National, Eastern Section, 4th June 1949, 192+20+20pp, + foldout map£43.00
G.N.R. (I) Omnibus Time Tables, 2nd June 1935 ufn, 128pp£85.00
Glasgow and Highland Royal Mail Steamers, winter time table of Steamers and Motors, November 1930 to May 1931, 8pp, ex OS stamps£15.00
Gosport & Fareham Omnibus Co., Provincial Services from 20.4.1969, a lot of biro amends & notes, 24pp£15.00
Grimsby Corporation Transport, Bus Services to connect with altered Immingham Tramcar Services, from 1st July 1956, 8pp, a little foxing and creasing, OS stamp£12.00
Guildford Woking & District, ABC, Rail Bus and Coach timetable, November- December 1956, 108pp£30.00
Halifax Corporation and Railway Companies Road Passenger Transport, times and fares, April-June 1947, 156pp£45.00
Hants & Dorset MSL timetable 10th September 1961 ufn, 208 + viiipp, foldout map, rusty staples£31.00
Hants and Dorset MSL, from 1st April 1951, 172+pp, + foldout map£42.00
Hebble MSL timetable effective 1st May 1961, 56pp + foldout map£21.00
HMS Catherwood Ltd time table September 1931, 32+pp, rusty staple£75.00
Huddersfield Corporation Passenger Transport, Apri1 1966, 116pp£25.00
Leeds City Transport Department time table 28th November 1954 to 29th January 1955, 112pp£38.00
Leeds Tramway and Bus Routes, 1926, covers poor with small loss, 2 foldout maps, pretty front cover, 128pp£35.00
Lewis Official omnibus time table, October 1932, 48pp, features pics of d/d & Pullman coach£85.00
Liss & District Omnibus Co Ltd. and Grayshott Coaches, Luxury Coach Tours and Bus Service Timetables, 51pp, [6d]£22.00
Macbraynes Coach Services, time table from 1.6.1964, 44pp£25.00
Maidstone & District Motor Services Ltd, Sussex Area, 1st December 1933, 96pp£85.00
Mansfield District Traction Company, time table for all routes, May 1961, 208+24pp + foldout map, punched£32.00
Midland General Omnibus Co. Ltd. & Notts & Derby TC, time table for all routes, May 1961, 208pp, + Colliery & Works Services Supplement, 24pp foldout map£31.00
Midland Red time table Leicester Area inc. Coalville, Ashby, Burton, Lichfield etc. Districts, 8.5.1948, 456pp£38.00
Midland Red, Shrewsbury Area, 3.10.1959, 100pp + foldout map, rusty staples£30.00
Newbury & District Motor Services Ltd. time table with fares and regulations, from 5th June 1949, 64+pp,£48.00
Newcastle Corporation Transport, “To the Country, To the Town, To the Seaside” by Blue Bus, September 1929 ufn, 36pp£90.00
Newcastle Corporation Transport, Blue Bus Town and Country Services, 3rd July 1938, 40pp + foldout map, trolley bus services pp42-47£75.00
North Western Road Car Co Ltd., 4th June 1949, cover creases to front cover, 293+pp, foldout map, rusty staples£38.00
North Western Road Car Co Ltyd., express and limited stop services, 23.5 to 28.9.1958, 92pp£32.00
Northern General Transport Co. Ltd. time table from August 1949, 315+pp£43.00
Reading Corporation Transport, Trolleybus & Omnibus timetable and fares table, May 1961, 48pp£25.00
Reliance Motor Services (Newbury) Ltd. luxury coach tours and bus services timetables, 80pp£23.00
Ribble MSL Express and Limited Stop Services, time table map and fares, 26.9.1938 to March 31st 1939, 130pp£75.00
Rochdale CPT Omnibus Services, timetables June 1961, 80pp, has been folded£25.00
Sheffield Transport Dept, Whitsuntide Holiday 1957, 16pp, includes trams£10.00
South Wales Transport Co. Ltd. October 1948, punched, 130pp + foldout map£44.00
Southdown bus and coach time table and route map, East Sussex edition, 17.9.1961 ufn, 228pp£30.00
Southdown Motor Coach Excursions, from 11.7-24.7 1948, 8pp, rusty staples£15.00
Southdown Motor Services Ltd. time table 26.9.1938, light creasing to cover, 344pp + foldout map£95.00
Southdown MSL, time table and route map, 10th June to 29th September 1956, 384+xlpp, bite from back cover£35.00
Southdown time table and route map, West Sussex edition, 16.9.1962 to 25.5.1963, 216pp£25.00
Southern National OCL, North Devon & North Cornwall, 27.9.1948, ex OS stamps, 80pp + map£42.00
Southern National OCL, North Devon and North Cornwall, 27.9.1948, 80pp + foldout map, ex OS stamps£42.00
Southern National OCL, Somerset and Dorset area, 27.9.1948, 164pp + foldout map, light creasing on covers£44.00
Summer Tours in the Western Highlands and Islands of Scotland, Royal Mail Steamers Columba Iona etc. David Macbrayne Ltd.,official guide, new edition 1921, 148+pp, beautiful front cover£95.00
Thames Valley TCL, 3.6. to 22.9.1950, 164pp + foldout map£42.00
Thames Valley TCL, January 18th 1941 ufn, 164pp£54.00
The Chatham & District Traction Company, official use only stamp, April 12th 1939, time table, 32pp£45.00
The Green Bus Service, revised time and fare tables, from 1.5.1951, 32pp, 3” x 5”£35.00
The Royal Route, See this Scotland by Steamer Road and Rail, David MacBrayne, 1930, some grubby marks on back cover£45.00
The Thames Valley Traction Co. Ltd, April 23rd 1966 ufn, 216pp + foldout map£25.00
The Thames Valley Traction Co. Ltd, timetable 7.1.1961, 188pp + foldout map£30.00
Tour with me by S.U.T. 1960, Sheffield United Tours, 48pp£30.00
Trent Motor Traction time table from June 5th 1949, 140+pp + foldout map£45.00
Venture Transport Co (Newcastle) Ltd, April 1968, 36pp£18.00
West Bridgford UDC Passenger Transport Department, April 1961, 32pp + fares from 13.10.1963£25.00
Western SMT Co Ltd, October 1947, pp607-670£45.00
Wilts & Dorset MSL, no.203, 17th June 1951 ufn, 200pp + foldout map£42.00
Wolverhampton Corporation Transport, timetable October 1959, 112pp with amends£30.00
Yorkshire Traction, October 1947, 100+pp and foldout map£45.00
Yorkshire Woollen District Transport Co Ltd, August 1946, 90pp + foldout map£46.00