List 147 - Booklets - small

75 Years, story of public transport in Burton upon Trent, 1978, 48pp£7.00
Bass Ratcliff & Gretton Ltd Excursion to Scarbrorough July 24th 1914, 40+pp + foldout Train Arrangements folded into 4£15.00
Bass Ratcliff & Gretton Ltd, Excursion to Liverpool and New Brighton July 15 1904, 96pp, includes foldout Train Arrangements folded into 4£20.00
Branch Line to Southminster, Swindale, 72pp£9.00
City of Cardiff, 68 years of electric transport, 2.5.1902 to 11.1.1970, Bowen, 6pp£4.00
Clyde Steamers and Loch Lomond Fleets in and after 1936, Milne, Ian Allan BC64pp£10.00
Cornish Engines, National Trust, Laws, 32pp£6.00
Douglas Head Marine Drive and Electric Tramway, Goodwyn, 1993, 49pp£10.00
Duke of Buckingham' Railways, Gadsden, 1962, 54pp, stencil print and rather home produced£6.00
Glasgow's Trams and buses, a centenary journey, Grieves, 1994, 120pp£12.00
History of the Cornwall Railway 1835-1846, Osler, 1982, 39pp£7.00
History of the Kidderminster & Stourport Electric Tramway Co., 1898-1929, Thompson & Voice, 1998, 27pp£6.00
L.T.C.Rolt, a bibliography, 1994, 56pp£12.00
London Bus File 1933-39 Double Deckers, 2001, 120pp£12.00
London Bus File 1933-39, Single Deckers, Glazier, 2002, 120pp£12.00
London to Cambridge by Train - 1845-1938, Fellows, 1976, 40pp£6.00
On-Track Plant on British Railways, Butcher, 1991, 96pp£8.00
Rails to Port and Starboard, Gahan, 1992, 119pp, re Mersey and docks and shipping£12.00
Shanklin, Ill Fated Prince, Brown, 1985£10.00
Thackray's Way, A Family in Road Transport, Lacey, 2001, 136pp£12.00
The Battle for the Settle & Carlisle, Towler, compulsory reading! 1990, 320+pp£12.00
The Bisley Camp Branch Line, Harding & Clarke, 1986, 32p£6.00
The British Electric Car Co Ltd, Price, 1978, 48pp£7.00
The City & South London Railway, Lascelles, Oakwood, 1955, 36+pp£10.00
The Corris Railway, Track Plans, 1979, 16pp£6.00
The Hastings Diesels Story, Beecroft, 1986, 100pp£8.00
The Hayling Railways, Paye, Oakwood, 1979, 39pp£7.00
The Hythe Pier Railway, Harding, 2009, 32pp£6.00
The Industrial Railways of Port Sunlight and Bromborough Port, Lister, Oakwood, 1988, 60+pp + foldout map£15.00
The Last Journey of William Huskisson, Garfield, 2003, 244pp£8.00
The Lee-on-the-Solent Railway, Harding, 2012, 32pp£6.00
The Little Eaton Gangway, Ripley, Oakwood, 1973, 31pp£6.00
The Locomotives History of the London, Chatham and Dover Railway, Bradley, 1979, 128pp£15.00
The Locomotives History of the South Eastern & Chatham Railway, Bradley, 1980, 144pp£15.00
The Locomotives of Croydon Gas & Electricity Works, Latham, 1970, 24pp£6.00
The Manchester Ship Canal, Owen, 1983, 133pp£12.00
The New Romney Branch Line, Harding, 1983, 32pp£6.00
The Railways and Tramways of Ryde, Blackburn & Mackett, 1971, 163pp£15.00
The Railways of Port Sunlight and Bromborough Port, Lister, Oakwood, 1980, 78pp£12.00
The Ringwood Christchurch and Bournemouth Railway, Young, !984, 50pp, stencil print£8.00
The Stoke Ferry Branch, Paye, OPC, 1982, 128pp£14.00
The Storeton Tramway, Jermy, 1081, 64pp£8.00
The Tramways of Lytham St Annes, Abell & ors, Oakwood, 128pp, owner's label and stamp£12.00
The Ventnor West Branch Line, Harding, 1990, 32pp£6.00
The Waterford and Tramore Railway, Fyle & Newham, 1964, 48+pp£12.00
The Wisbech and Upwell Tramway, Gadsden & 2 ors, 1966, 52pp + coloured map and track plans£12.00
The Woodstock Branch, Lingard, OPC, 1973, 60pp£10.00
Tube Trains on the Isle of Wight, Hardy, 2003, 96pp£10.00
Underground Train File, Surface Stock 1933-1959, Hardy, 2002, 120pp£12.00
Wheels to the West, Preece ("Mr. Royal Blue"), 1974, 84+pp£10.00