List 147 - Hardbacked books

A nostalgic look at Belfast Trolleybuses 1938-1968, Maybin, dw, 1996, 132pp£20.00
British Trolleybus Systems, Joyce & ors, dw, 1986, 160pp£12.00
BRS Parcels Services and the Express Carriers, Mustoe & ors, dw, 2008, 304pp£30.00
BRS The Early Years, 1948-1953, Ingram and Mustoe, dw, 1999, 176pp, + loose RTE monthly list of acquired undertakings, no.1 September 1948, 20pp£25.00
Circular Tour, Seaside pleasure Riding by Tram, Turner, 1999, 144pp£18.00
Croydon's Tramways, history of trams in the Croydon area 1879-1951, including the South Metropolitan & LC, Harley, dw, 2004, 128pp£22.00
Illustrated History of British Railways' Workshops, Locomotive, Carriage and Wagon Building and Maintenance, from 1825-1992, dw, OPC£25.00
Illustrated History of Southern Pull-Push Stock, King, dw, OPC, 2006, 160pp£30.00
Kaleidoscope of London Buses Between the Wars, Robbins and Thomas, dw, 228 pics with captions£15.00
LCC Electric Tramways, Harley, dw, 2002, 176pp£20.00
London Buses Before the War, Glazier, dw, 1995, 160pp£20.00
London Buses in the 1960s, Glazier, dw, 1998, 224pp£25.00
London Tramways, Reed, dw, 1997, 152pp£20.00
London Transport Garages, Glazier, dw, 2006, 192pp£30.00
London's Secret Tubes, London's wartime citadels, subways and shelters uncovered, Emmerson & anr.,dw, 2004, 190pp£25.00
London's Utility Buses, Blacker, dw, 1997, 176pp£20.00
Miniature Railways Past and Present, Lambert, 1982, 96pp£8.00
North London Trams, Harley, 2008, 160pp£20.00
North-Eastern Branch Lines, past and present, Hoole, dw, OPC, 1984, 203 pics with captions£15.00
Rails in the Valleys, (Wales), Page, dw, 1989, 192pp£20.00
Routes to Recovery, London Buses 1945-1952, Glazier, dw, 2000, 152pp£20.00
The Aylesbury Railway, the first branch line, Cheddington - Aylesbury, Simpson, OPC, dw, 1989, 112pp£18.00
The Basingstoke and Alton Light Railway, Dean & ors, dw, 1998, 122pp£25.00
The Brill Tramway, including the railway from Aylesbury to Verney Junction, Simpson, dw, 128pp, 1985, OPC£25.00
The Caledonian, Scotland's Imperial Railway, a history, Ross, 2013, 252pp£25.00
The Glasgow Tramcar, Stewart, STMS, 1983, 200pp£25.00
The Last Years of the General, London Buses 1930-1933, Glazier, dw, 1995, 128pp£20.00
The Making of a Railway, Rolt, dw, 1971, 154pp£20.00
The Mildenhall Branch, Paye, dw, 1988, 152pp£25.00
The North Devon Line, Nicholas, the Exeter to Barnstaple railway from inception, dw, OPC, 1992£25.00
The Vale of Rheidol Light Railway, Green, dw, 1986, 264pp£35.00
Tram and Trolley in Africa, Pabst, 152pp£30.00
Transport in Great Yarmouth, volume 1, Electric Tramways, 1902-1918, Barker; volume 2, Electric Tramways and Petrol Omnibuses 1919-1933, 1983; Volume 3, the Blue Buses 1934-1953£75.00
Underground Movement, Moss, London's Underground train design during the 20th century... 2000, 224pp£25.00
Venice-Simplon Orient-Express, the return of the world's most celebrated train, Sherwood, dw, 1983, 160pp£35.00
Wilts and Dorset, 1915-1995, Eighty Years of Motor Services, Chislett, 1995, 122pp£12.00