List 147 Aug 2022

Abandoned Stations on London's Undergound, a photographic record, Connor, 2000, 96pp£12.00
Abandoned Stations on London's Undergound, a photographic record, Connor, second edition, revised and enlarged, 2008, 104pp£15.00
Barton Past and Present, Bell, 1982, 64pp£8.00
Branch Line to Southminster, Swindale, 72pp£9.00
Eastern Counties Past and Present, Bell, 1981, 64pp£8.00
Eastern National Past and Present, Bell, 1982, 64pp£8.00
History of the Cornwall Railway 1835-1846, Osler, 1982, 39pp£7.00
History of the Kidderminster & Stourport Electric Tramway Co., 1898-1929, Thompson & Voice, 1998, 27pp£6.00
Kilmarnock's Trams and |Buses, Brotchie & Grieves, 1984, 36pp£10.00
Lanarkshire Buses, Macdonald, 2003, 128pp£12.00
London Bus File 1933-39 Double Deckers, 2001, 120pp£12.00
London Bus File 1933-39, Single Deckers, Glazier, 2002, 120pp£12.00
London to Cambridge by Train - 1845-1938, Fellows, 1976, 40pp£6.00
Mersey Railway Electric Stock, Cull and Prigmore, 1968, rusty staples, 63pp£12.00
Steam Road Vehicles, HMSO for Science Museum, 1959, 60+pp, covers rubbed + some damp stains£4.00
Subways o the World, Fischler, 2000, 96pp£12.00
Thames Pleasure Steamers from 1945, Gladwell, 2001, 128pp£12.00
The Hastings Diesels Story, Beecroft, 1986, 100pp£8.00
The Hayling Railways, Paye, Oakwood, 1979, 39pp£7.00
The Industrial Railways of Port Sunlight and Bromborough Port, Lister, Oakwood, 1988, 60+pp + foldout map£15.00
The Last Journey of William Huskisson, Garfield, 2003, 244pp£8.00
The Little Eaton Gangway, Ripley, Oakwood, 1973, 31pp£6.00
The Locomotives of Croydon Gas & Electricity Works, Latham, 1970, 24pp£6.00
The Manchester Ship Canal, Owen, 1983, 133pp£12.00
The Southdown Story 1915-1965, 107pp, back cover creased£10.00
The Tramways of Lytham St Annes, Abell & ors, Oakwood, 128pp, owner's label and stamp£12.00
The Tramways of South London and Croydon 1899-1949, Harvie, 1975, 160pp + numerous pp of photos£20.00
The Withered Arm, reminiscences of the Southern lines west of Exeter, Roche, 1967, 68pp£10.00
Tramways of the North East, LRTA Regional Handbook no.2, 2009, 88pp£9.00
Turbine Steamers of the British Isles, Robins, 1999, 128pp£10.00
Underground Train File, Surface Stock 1933-1959, Hardy, 2002, 120pp£12.00