List 148 - Hardbacked books

100 Years of the Belgian Vicinal 1885-1985l Davies, 224pp,£30.00
1865-1985, Centoventi Anni di Trasporti Pubblici a Firenze, 1987, Cefaretti & Malaspina, 524pp,£75.00
An Illustrated History of Sothern Pull-Push Stock, King, dw, OPC, 2006,£30.00
Berliner Strassenbahngeschichte 2, since 1920, 1977, 376 pics +captions, Hilkenbach & ors,£22.00
Birds of the Sea, 150 Years of the General Steam Navigation Company, Robins, 2007,£15.00
Brussels, a Tramway Reborn 1945-2008, Skelsey & Hansart, 2008, 159pp + large foldout map,£25.00
Buses Annual, 1972, the rare one! 133pp,£12.00
Croydon Tramways, history from 1879 to 1951, Harley, dw, 129pp, 2004,£25.00
Devon General, a fascinating story, Folkard, 2007, 312pp,£28.00
Die Geschichte der Düsseldorfer Strassenbahn, von der Pferdetram zur Rheinbahn, Jacobi & Zeh, 1986, 292pp,£40.00
Ditto : 1, Southern England, the Midlands, East Anglia and Wales, dw, 1999, 206 + xvpp,£40.00
Ditto German DDR & Poland, 1975, 216pp, 295 pics + captions,£25.00
Ditto Part 2, 1840-1845, 144pp,£20.00
Ditto, history since 1865, dw,1973, 371 pics with captions, Bauer & ors,£22.00
Great Western Broad Gauge Album, dw, OPC, 1972, 80pp,£15.00
Histoire de Transports dans les Villes de France, Robert, dw, 1974, 529+pp,£145.00
History of the Metropolitan District Railway Company to June 1908, Edmonds, 1973, 245pp, scarce,£35.00
Isle of Wight Railways Remembered, Paye, dw, 274 plates + captions, OPC, 1984,£18.00
Johannesburg Tramways, Spit & Patton, dw, 1976, 137pp,£25.00
LCC Electric Tramways, Harley, dw, 2009, 176pp,£25.00
Le Tramway Nantais, dw creased at top, 1986, 148pp,£35.00
Les Petits Trains de Savoie et de Haut Savoie, Messiez, dw, 1996, 190pp,£50.00
Les Petits Trains de Touraine, Dieuleveult & Edom, 1988, 150pp,£45.00
Les Tramways de Marseille ont Cent Ans, Tacussel, 1990, 606pp,£135.00
Liverpool Transport, Volume 1, 1830-1900, Horne & Maund, 1995, 152pp; ditto volume 2, 1900-1930, 1982, 359pp; ditto volume 3, 1931-1939, 1987, 216pp; ditto volume 4, 1939-1957, 1989, 256pp; ditto volume 5, 1957-1986, 252pp, Bargain bundle,£50.00
Llandudno & Colwyn Bay Tramway, Lockwood, Middleton Press, 2007, 120 pics with captions,£15.00
London Buses Before the War, Glazier, dw, 1995, 160pp,£20.00
London Buses in the 1960s, Glazier, dw, 1998, 224pp,£25.00
London Buses, 1985-1995, Managing the Change, McLachlan, 126pp,£15.00
London Country in the 1970s, Fennell, 2003, 96pp,£10.00
London Trams in Camera, Thompson, dw, 1971, 128pp,£20.00
London Tramways, Reed, dw, 1997, 152pp,£20.00
London Transport Garages, Glazier, dw, 2006, 192pp,£40.00
London’s Secret Tubes, London’s wartime citadels subways and shelters uncovered, Emmerson and Beard, dw, 2004, 190pp,£25.00
London’s Utility Buses, Blacker, dw, 1997, 176pp,£30.00
Maidstone and Chatham Tramways, Middleton Press, 1994, 120 pics + captions,£15.00
Margate & Ramsgate Tramways, Middleton Press, 2001, 96pp,£15.00
Moderne Trams, der Gragt, de ontwukkeling van de moderne tram in Europa van 1927 tot heden, 1972, dw, 288pp,£30.00
Mr Beck’s Underground Map, Garland, 1998, 80pp,£30.00
North London Trams, Harley, 2008, 160pp,£20.00
Omnibus Lighting and starting, Houghton, 1929, 52pp,£25.00
Plymouth and Torquay Tramways, Middleton Press, Anderson, 2011, 96pp,£15.00
Quand Les Petits Trains Faisaient La Manche, dw, 1988, 208pp,£55.00
Reshaping London’s Buses, Arnold & Harris, 1982, 128pp,£18.00
Routes to Recovery, London Buses 1945-1952, Glazier, 2000, 152pp,£25.00
Strassenbahn in Graz, Sternhart, 1979, 176pp,£22.00
Strassenbahn in Wien, vorgestern und übermorgen, Krobot & ors, 1972, 352pp,£25.00
Strassenbahn-Betriebe in Osteuropa 2, 1977, 354 pics with captions, Lehnhart & Jeanmaire, tramway systems and rolling stock, USSR, Bulgaria, Romania, Czechoslovakia£25.00
Stuttgarter Strassenbahnen 1868-1975 dw, 1976, 265 pics with captions,£22.00
Switzerland – its Railways & Cableways, dw, Allen, 1967, 250pp,£15.00
The Basingstoke and Alton Light Railway, Dean and ors, dw, 1998, 122pp,£25.00
The Brill Tramway, including the Railway from Aylesbury to Verney Unction, Simpson, 128pp, 1985 OPC,£25.00
The Broad Gauge Engines of the Great Western Railway, Part 1 1837-1840, 2018, 144pp,£20.00
The Broad Gauge Engines The Vale of Rheidol Light Railway, Green, dw, 1986, 264+pp,£40.00
The Caledonian, Scotland’s Imperial Railway, A History, Ross, 2013, 252pp,£28.00
The Clyde Puffer, McDonald, 1977, 48pp,£12.00
The Directory of British Engine Sheds and Principal Locomotive Servicing Points: 2. North Midlands, Northern England and Scotland, Griffiths & Smith, dw, OPC, 2000, pp211-401 + xviipp,£40.00
The Last Years of the General, London Buses 1930-1933, Glazier, 1995, dw, 128pp,£20.00
The London Brighton & South Coast Railway, the Bennett Collection, Marx, 2011, 144pp,£20.00
The Mildenhall Branch, Paye, dw, 1988, 152pp,£30.00
The Piccadilly Tube, history of the first 100 years, Horne, dw,£15.00
The Vicinal Story, Light Railways in Belgium 1885-1991, Davies, 231+16pp, spine paper sl creased,£25.00
Trackless & Trackless, Omnibuses and Trams in the Western Cape, Coates, dw, 1976, 239pp, short tear to dw,£40.00
Tram and Trolley in Africa, Pabst, 1989, 153pp,£35.00
Tramways in Rochdale, steam, electric and Metrolink, Young,£20.00
Trolleybus, Blacker, 1978, 124pp, dw,£40.00
Zürcher Strassenbahnen, Trüb & ors, dw, 1982, 219pp,£25.00