List 148 - Softback books - smalll

25 Years of Arnhem Trolleybuses, 1974 40p,£8.00
A Handbook of Glasgow Corporation Motorbuses 1924 -1971, Little, STMS, 1971, 78pp,£12.00
A Handbook of Glasgow Tramways, Thomson, 1962 108pp,£15.00
Aberdeen’s Trams 1874-1958, Mackenzie & Brotchie1974, 32pp,£6.00
Brookes’ Industrial Railways, Leleux, 1972, Oakwood 63, 49pp,£12.00
By Tram to Garston, Vaughan, 1986, MTPS, 49pp,£7.00
Eastbourne Tramways, Boylett, 28pp, Crease on last pp,£5.00
Edge Lane Roundabout, Martin, 1984 208pp,£15.00
France by Trolleybus, Nimmo, 1988, 64,£10.00
Glasgow by Tram, Stewart STMS, 1977, 48pp,£6.00
Glasgow Subway 1896 -1977, LRTL, 27pp,£5.00
Glasgow Trolleybuses Supplement, Deans, STMS, to page 77,£7.00
Glasgow Trolleybuses, Deans, STMS, 1956, 56pp,£8.00
Green Goddesses Go East, Cormack, 1965, 24pp,£7.00
Groudle Glen Railway, Its History and Restoration, 30pp,£5.00
I belong to Glasgow, Casely & Hamilton, 1976, 96pp,£8.00
Jeanie Deans an illustrated biography1931-1967, 32pp,£5.00
Lanarkshire Tramways, Cormack,1970, STMS, 64pp,£10.00
LCC Tramways The Pullman Review1932-33, reprint of 1976 40pp,£8.00
Leighton Buzzard Narrow Gauge Railway, 1974, 40pp,£7.00
Liverpool Tramways 1943 to 1957, Blackburn, LRTL, 89pp,£7.00
London Bus File 1933-39, Double Deckers, Glazier, 2001, 120pp,£12.00
London bus File 1940-45, Glazier, 1999, 104pp,£12.00
London bus File 1946-49, Glazier, 1998, 136pp,£8.00
London County Council Tramways Handbook, Kennington, 1970,96pp & map,£15.00
London Trolleybus Pictorial, Thompson, 1974, 42pp,£10.00
London’s Tramway Subway, Dunbar & Price, LRTL, 23pp,£5.00
More Glasgow by Tram, Stewart, STMS, 1978 48pp,£6.00
Mull Railway, back cover creased, 5pp£3.00
Pit to Port, Transport and the China clay Industry in Mid Cornwall, 61pp 2009£8.00
Pullman Trains in Britain, Kidner, Oakwood 210, 1998 112pp, fronter cover creased,£12.00
Round Europe by Trolleybus, Russell, 1977, 48pp,£8.00
Round Glasgow by Tram, Stewart, STMS, 1979 48pp,£6.00
Scottish Tramway Fleets, Brotchie, 1968 60£12.00
Scottish Transport Annual No.58, STTS, 2006, 50pp,£8.00
Scottish Transport Annual No.61, STTS, 2009, 48pp,£8.00
Scottish Transport Annual No.62, STTS, 2010, 48pp,£8.00
Scottish Transport Annual No.64, STTS, 2012, 48pp,£8.00
Some Notes on the Effra Road Tickets of the LCC Tramways, Bett, ex Lib, 20pp,£8.00
Southern Railway Halts, Survey & Gazetteer, Kidner, Oakwood156, 1985, 64pp,£7.00
The Bisley Camp Branch Line, Harding & Clarke, 1986, 32pp,£7.00
The Burrton and Ashby Light Railways 1906-1927, Bown, 1991, 36pp,£7.00
The Eastern Union Railway1846-1862, Hilton, 1946, 43pp plus gradient insert,£5.00
The Glasgow Coronations, Coonie, LRTL,£5.00
The Glasgow Subway, Thomson & Sinclair, 1964, 80pp,£12.00
The Harpenden to Hemel Hempstead Railway, Nickey Line, Woodwards, Oakwood 197, 1996, 166pp,£15.00
The Hong Kong Bus Handbook, BPS, 1997, 80pp,£8.00
The Lee Moor Tramway, Hall, Oakwood 19, 1963, 19pp,£5.00
The Leighton Buzzard Light Railway, Leleux, 1969, 126pp,£15.00
The Liverpool and Ballybunion Railway, Newham, 27pp,£6.00
The Matlock Steep-Gradient Tramway, 1972 reprint of 1893 original,£12.00
The Penryhn Railway, Lee, 1972 WHLR, 1972, 38pp,£8.00
The Railways of North Lincolnshire, Goode, 1985, 96pp,£15.00
The Railways of Port Sunlight and Bromburgh Port, Lister, 80pp, 1980,£12.00
The Rothesay Tramways Company 1879 -1949, Cormack,1986,£12.00
The Tramways of Kent, Baddeley & Price, LRTA, 1992, 51pp,£6.00
The Tramways of Portugal a visitor’s guide, Price, LRTL, 1972 66pp,£10.00
The Tramways of South Croydon 1899-1949, Harvie, 166pp,£20.00
The Tramways of South Lancashire and North Wales, Gillham & Wiseman, LRTA,2003, 74pp£8.00
The Tramways of South-West England, Gillham & Price, LRTA, 51pp,£6.00
The Tramways of the South Coast, Gillham & Wiseman, 2004, LRTS, 74pp,£8.00
The Tramways of the West Midlands, Gillham & Wiseman, 74pp,£8.00
The Trolleybuses of Newcastle upon Tyne, Canneaux & Hanson, 1974, 200pp & map,£15.00
The Ventnor West Branch Line, Harding, 1990, 32pp£5.00
The Weston Clevedon and Portishead Railway, Maggs, 1969, 56pp, Oakwood 25,£8.00
The Wye Valley Railway, Handley, Oakwood 137, 1988, 40pp,£7.00
Trams in Eltham 1910-1952, Kennett, 1972, 12pp,£3.00
Tramways in Wandsworth and Battersea, Dunbar, LRTL, 1971, 80pp,£12.00
Tramways of the Monklands, Cormack, 1974, 74pp,£8.00
Transport of Delight, Bradford Trolleybus, King, NTA, 1972, 80pp,£12.00
Underground No.9, the Northern Line extension, 43pp,£8.00
Underground Train File, Tube Stock 1933-1959, Hardy, 2001, 96pp,£12.00
Walking the disused Railways of Sussex, Bathurst, 2004 132pp,£10.00
Waverley, the story of the last seagoing paddle steamer, 32pp,£5.00