List 148 - Special/unusual material

“A new axial Engine” different printing, some creasing and grubbiness,£12.00
Abstract of Laws re Proprietors, Drivers and Conductors of Public Carriages within the Metropolitan Police District and the City of London and its Liberties with the Order of the Secretary of State of 30th December 1907 and other Orders, an Appendix of Statutes, 495pp,£75.00
ACV Regal Mark III passenger chassis (type 9621E), General information & data, engine, clutch or fluid flywheel, gearbox, propeller shafts, steering gear, axles, suspension, brakes, radiator, silencer, fuel system, electrical equipment, oil seals, taper fits, tyres and wheels, pedal gear, lubrication, maintenance equipment, numerous illustrations with some colour,£150.00
AEC Service Manual Reliance passenger chassis, index A to Z similar to above, numerous illustrations although no colour,£150.00
Ashton-under-Lyne CPD, Byelaws with respect to Trolley Vehicles, s/b, 12pp,£12.00
Birmingham City Transport, conditions of employment etc. 1950, 39pp, numerous annots,£35.00
Birmingham Corporation Tramway and Omnibus Department, Rules and Regulations, 1937, 137pp,£60.00
Bradford Corporation Tramways Rules and Regulations, October 1928, 80pp, grubby covers,£85.00
Bristol Axial Engine – 12pp illustrated,£15.00
Bristol parts catalogue for K type series 72 passenger chassis, double deck pp7+47,£35.00
Bristol Service Notes for AVW Engine. 59pp, grubby oil marks, annots,£50.00
BTH Electric Traction Equipment, trolleys operating & maintenance instruction book for control equipment with rheostatic and regenerative braking on brake pedal, Wolverhampton Corporation, 44pp + large folded plan, “282-285” in pencil on cover,£65.00
City of Birmingham, Bye-Laws with respect to Hackney Carriages, Omnibuses Wagonettes etc., 96pp, 1907,£45.00
City of Leicester Tramways Dept, Instructions for Men engaged on Car Cleaning Overhauling etc., 1924, 16pp,£35.00
City of Nottingham Passenger Transport Department, Rules and Regulations, 24pp, limp cloth creased, rusty staples,£45.00
Ditto 1930, rusty staples, 28pp,£75.00
Ditto August 1944, 193pp, loose front binding,£35.00
Ditto h/b,£15.00
Ditto, Two axle chassis for double deck trolleybus, right hand control (model 9611T,)£75.00
Edinburgh Street Tramways Company, Rules and Regulations, 1883, 58pp, fragile, covers stained,£125.00
Gateshead and District Tramways Co, Rules and Regulations as from October 1901, 64pp, limp cloth, grubby label,£135.00
Glasgow Corporation Transport, Rules and Regulations for Motormen and Conductors, 1935, binding loose & a little stained, 246pp, 16 figs, + 3 foldouts,£75.00
Great Western Railway Centenary 1835-1935, 32+folded map, few edge tears & creasing,£35.00
Hongkong Tramways Ltd, Rules Regulations & Instructions for Inspectors, Motormen conductors and other Traffic Department Employees, 1928, 43pp + Chinese text, foldout plan of car, destitched, sellotaped h/b, the original of my reprint,£150.00
Imperial Tramways Co Ltd, Rules and Regulations, Employés of the Middlesbrough, Stockton and Thornaby Electric Tramway, 1916, 61+pp, grubby cover,£135.00
Instructions to Drivers and Conductors of Public Service Vehicles, Wells, Claims Manager to The Scottish Motor Traction, Edinburgh, 1932, 36pp,£45.00
Leeds City Transport Department, Rules and Regulations for Motormen bus drivers and conductors, 26pp, Sept 1945,£35.00
Leyland Service Manual, Railcar Units; controls, engine speed, direction, clutch and rotary, + battery selector; lubrication, maintenance, engine and electrical equipment, torque converter, transmission, final drive, numerous illustrations,£150.00
London Transport Central Bus Section, Rule Book for Drivers and Conductors, June 1948 Revised June 1950, 131pp,£18.00
London Transport Operating Dept Trams and trolleybuses, rule book for drivers and conductors, 1944 reprinted, 193pp, numerous pencil and ink annots, 7pp illustrations,£35.00
Manchester Corporation Tramways, Instructions to Drivers and Guards, 1970 reprint of 1914 original, 159pp + 2 foldouts,£20.00
Metropolitan and Great Central Joint Committee, Rules and Regulations for the guidance of the officers and Men of the M&GCJC, July 1st 1920, 321pp,£65.00
Newcastle -Upon-Tyne Corporation Transport and Electricity Undertaking, Notice to Motormen Conductors and others, 15pp, October 1924,£15.00
Newcastle Corporation Transport and Electricity Committee, Special Instructions for Race Traffic, Three Race Days June 1921, 4pp card,£35.00
Newcastle-upon-Tyne Corporation Tramways, Rules and Regulations for Motormen and Conductors, 1913, 40pp,£95.00
Oldham Borough Tramways, Bye-laws and Regulations, 1881, cockling inside covers, h/b with gold blocking, 14pp,£45.00
Rules and Regulations for Motormen and Conductors, South Lancashire Tramways, covers very rubbed, pages loose and creased, some loss to back cover, dated 1921,£50.00
Rules and Regulations for the employees of the Bristol Tramways and Carriage Co Ltd, 1916, h/b, 52pp,£125.00
Rules and Regulations for the Employés of the Bristol Tramways and Carriage Co (Conductor’s Section), 1916, 22pp, limp cloth,£75.00
Salford City Tramways, Regulations and Instructions for Motormen, Conductors and Trolley Boys, 104pp, no date,£85.00
Service Manual for Leyland Vehicles, Model Titan chassis ID5/Petrol, numerous illustrations, margins stained, and damp crinkled,£75.00
Sheffield Corporation Tramways & Motors, Motormen & Conductors Rules and Regulations and Working Instructions, code 3M10 2/26, 76pp, Electro Pneumatic Brakes, instructions to Motormen and Conductors in charge of cars so fitted; 1929, Notice re conveyance of pigeons on tram cars 1931, Notice to Conductors re damage to polished surfaces 1928; starting of cars by conductors, 1929; Notice to Motormen & Conductors re bell signals, and 3 others re intoxicating drink , Tenter St. and Town Hall Traffic Signals, and£85.00
Spare Parts Catalogue for Three Axle Chassis for Double Deck Trolleybus, right-hand control (model 9641T), chassis nos 100, 252-256, British United Traction Ltd: preface and contents, pedal gear, rear axle, brake gear, cardans, front axle, steering, driver’s structure, electrical, frame, sundries, 1 page creased, numerous illustrations, NB re manuals, pagination not consecutive,£75.00
The London United Tramways Ltd, Bye-laws and Regulations, 1905, 1917, 1921, 1926, 1927, 1928, 28pp, limp cloth punched,£35.00