List 148 - Time and Fare tables guides and maps

ABC Glasgow, 20/06-29/09/1961, 144pp,£55.00
Aberdeen Corporation Transport Dept.1957/58, 112pp,£32.00
B & S Motor Service, March 1949, Rusty staples, incl. coloured Map,64pp,£45.00
Barnsley & District Traction Co, November 1927, Short tear to cover spine, 104pp,£120.00
Bath Electric Tramways Co, Bath & District Guide, Rusty staples, 63pp,£65.00
Blue Bus Services, 20th October 1938, 26pp,£65.00
Brighton Corporation Tramways, 5th edition 1929, incl. Map, 16pp,£35.00
Bristol Omnibus Services, Bristol City, 1st January 1944, 36pp,£30.00
British Railways, Circular tours of Scotland, 1953, 96pp,£30.00
Caledonia Omnibus Company, 2nd July 1949, Small corner loss to back cover, 46pp,£42.00
Chatham District Traction Co, 24th September 1947, 42pp,£40.00
Chatham District Traction Co, 25th June 1947, 42pp,£40.00
Cheltenham District Traction Company, 26/02 -31/05/1937, 18pp,£30.00
Chemins de Fer De l'Etat Egyptien, Livre de Poche, Winter 1937, Some creasing, 118pp,£75.00
Chesterfield Corporation Transport Dept, October 1947, 76pp,£40.00
Cumberland Motor Services Ltd, 22nd September 1930, 64pp,£85.00
Dundee & District SMT Bus,1st October 1949, slight rust to staple, 36pp,£38.00
Dundee Corp Transport Dept, 16th April 1950, 40pp,£32.00
Dundee Corp Transport, August 1956, 40pp,£32.00
Edinburgh Transport Map, 1961/62, folds into 32 sections,£25.00
Edinburgh Transport Map, 1963/64, folds into 32 sections,£25.00
Edinburgh Transport Map, 1965/66, folds into 32 sections,£20.00
Frames Street Directory, Bearsden & Milngavie, Pre-decimal, Map into 25 sections,£10.00
Great Northern Railway, 19/09/38 - 04/06/1939, 83pp,£75.00
Halifax Corporation, Oct-Dec 1951,Rusty Staples & stains, 116pp,£35.00
Isle of Man Railway Road Services, 7th September 1964, Folds into 8,£12.00
Leeds City Transport Dept. 1st June 1948, plus insert, 72pp,£95.00
Lough Swilly Omnibus, 7th September 1958, 48pp,£35.00
Macbrayne’s Motor Services, Islands area, 6th Oct 1958, 16pp,£25.00
Macbrayne’s Motor Services, O'er Highland ways, Northern area 11th March 1951, 20pp,£25.00
Macbrayne’s Motor Services, O'er Highland ways, Southern area, 1st April 1952, 8pp,£30.00
McMaster & Sons Motor Tours, 1930, 24pp,£35.00
Newcastle Corporation Tramways, 1st October 1913, 32pp,£85.00
Newcastle Corporation Transport, June 1959, 98pp,£32.00
Peoples Motor Services, October 1933, 58pp,£85.00
Sligo, Leitrim & Northern Counties Railway, 25th June 1957, 28pp,£25.00
SMT, Rothesay Isle of Bute, Summer 1968, 32pp,£12.00
Southdown Motor Services Ltd, 8th June 1935, Some tears to cover & spine, ‘Omnibus Society’ stamped, 312pp,£75.00
Stockholm Tourist Traffic Association, Guide in Stockholm, 1947, Incl. Coloured Map of 48 sections, 120pp,£35.00
The Clock Timetable, Helensburgh, Balloch, Dunbarton, Glasgow, June 1966, 48pp,£20.00
The Green Bus Service, 15th October 1949, 32pp,£35.00
The Greyhound Motors Ltd, August 1926, 48pp,£75.00
Ulster Transport Authority, Section 2, 2nd September 1952, 92pp,£42.00
W.T. Underwood Ltd, Motor Services, December 1923, 65pp,£85.00
Westcliff-on-Sea Motor Services, 5th October 1938, 112pp,£75.00