List 147 - Softback books - larger up to foolscap

100 Years of Southampton Transport, 1979, 60pp£8.00
A nostalgic look at Belfast Trams since 1945, Maybin, 1994, 100pp£15.00
A nostalgic look at Birmingham Trams 1933-1953, vol.1 northern routes, Harvey, 1993, 100pp£15.00
A nostalgic look at Birmingham Trams vol. 2 southern routes, 1994, 100pp£15.00
A nostalgic look at Birmingham Trams vol. 3 eastern & western routes, 1995, 100pp£15.00
A nostalgic look at Blackpool Trams 1950-1966, Palmer, 1995, 100pp£12.00
A nostalgic look at Sheffield Trams since 1950, Twidale, 1995, 100pp£12.00
A Stanley Gibbons, Thematic Catalogue, Collect Railways on Stamps, 3rd ed., 1999, 198pp£12.00
Arkansas Valley Interurban, Isely, 1977, 67pp£25.00
Birmingham Transport, history of public road transport in the Birmingham Area volume 1, Jenson, 1978,150+pp + foldouts£25.00
Broad Gauge Locomotives, Sheppard, 2008, 80pp£12.00
Buses of the Isle of Man, 1945 to present day, Davis, 96pp£15.00
Caledonian and Beyond, Ward, 1993, 116pp£16.00
Colchester 1904-2004 from Trams to Arriva, Collins and Mills, 88pp£12.00
Doncaster Plant Works, Woods & Tuffrey, 1987, 96pp£12.00
Doncaster Transport, official fleet history 1902-1974, 48pp£8.00
East Kent, History of East Kent Road Car Company Ltd, Woodworth, 1991, 88pp£12.00
Erie Railroad, Rochester Division, stories and history of, steam and diesels 1854-1964, electric from 1907-1934, 1965, 144pp,£35.00
Fife's Trams and Buses, Brotchie, 1990, 92pp£15.00
First Generation DMUs, British Railway Pictorial, Robertson, 2006, 80pp£9.00
From Boston to the Berkshires, a pictorial review of electric transportation in Massachusetts, Carlson & Harding, 1990, 160pp + large foldout map£35.00
Glasgow Electric, the story of Scotland's new Electric Railway, Blake, 1960, 40pp, 2 small scuffs on 2 pp£12.00
Gone but not forgotten, East Anglia's lost double deckers, Mills, 2006, 62pp£8.00
Green Line 1930-1980, Jones & Davis, 1980, 136pp£15.00
History of the Thames Valley Traction Company Limited 1920-1930, Lacey, 1995, 144pp + foldout map£20.00
History of Wolverhampton Transport vol.1, 1833-1930, Webb & anr., 128pp + foldout£14.00
International Railways over the Andes, Stones, 1999, 76pp£15.00
John Fishwick & Sons 1907-1997, Prescott, 96pp£12.00
Lanarkshire's Trams, Brotchie, 1993, 96pp£15.00
Leicester's Trams, Creese, 2000, 56pp£8.00
Looking back at Buses, Trams and Trolleybuses around Manchester, Healey, 1990, 72pp£12.00
Malayan Railways, a Brief Introduction, Smith, 2006, 74pp£15.00
Narrow Gauge in Columbia - Railways and Steam Locomotives, Walker, 2005, 96pp£16.00
Rail Transit Philadelphia, Twenty Colorful Years 1969-1989, Elsner and Vible£10.00
Rails to Strathpeffer Spa, McConnell, 1994, laser edition, 34pp£8.00
Railway Road Vehicles, Geary, 1987, 62pp£10.00
Railway Thematics, Borgstein, 1992, 76pp, roneo print£10.00
Reading Transport 1901-1976, 48pp + foldout£10.00
Riding the Sheffield Lines, a book of photographic memories, Mettam, 2005, 96pp£12.00
Routemaster Around Great Britain, Fennell, 1988, 64pp£8.00
Sixpenny Switchback, a journey in photographs along the Burton and Ashby Light Railways, White and Storer, 1983, 64pp£15.00
South Shields, 100 Years of Public Transport, 1983, 14pp£6.00
Southend Corporation Transport, trams, trackless and buses, Delahoy, 1986, 64pp£15.00
St. Helens Tramways, Stretch, 1968, 58pp, roneo print£12.00
Steam and Rail in Slovakia, Catchpole, 1998, 72pp£15.00
Stirling's Trams & Buses, Brotchie, 1991, 96pp£15.00
Streetcars in the Kootenays, Nelson's Electric Tramways 1899-1992, Parker, 188pp£35.00
Superior Coaches, the Bowen Story, 2004, 146pp£15.00
The ABT Railway & Railways of the Lyell region, Rae, 1999, 101pp, some colour£25.00
The Book of Oxford Buses and Trams, Jolly & Taylor, 1981, 56pp£10.00
The Buses of Halifax Corporation and Joint Omnibus Committee and their successors, Bentley, 1998, 96pp£12.00
The Great Northern Railway, an Irish Railway Pictorial, Ferris, 2003, 112pp£12.00
The Heritage of the Solway Firth, Hawkins, 2006, 128pp£15.00
The LMS in Ireland, an Irish Railway Pictorial, Kennedy, 2000,96pp£12.00
The Nottingham & Melton Railway 1872-1990, Aldworth, spiral bound, 1990, 126pp£15.00
The Tramways of Brazil, a 130-year survey, Morrison, 1989, 198pp, corner bump£25.00
The Wearing of the Green, reminiscences of the Glasgow trams, Tollan, 2000, 96pp£15.00
The Western Way, MacDonald, 1983, 176pp£25.00
The White Front Cars of San Francisco, Smallwood, Interurbans Special 44, 1970/1, 472pp, 4 foldouts, corner crease front cover£45.00
Trams and Buses in Burton, 1903-1985, Stanier & ors, 1991, 80pp, signed by authors£12.00
Transport in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, Hants Archivists' Group, a guide to the records, 1973, 126pp£12.00
Trent Motor Traction Co Ltd 1913-1986, Brookes, 360 plates with captions£15.00
Trolleybus Memories, Wolverhampton, Challoner, 2007, 112pp, corner bump£15.00
Trolleybuses in Inner North London, pictorial survey, LTPS, 1999, 136pp£25.00
Trolleybuses in Outer North London, 2000, 168pp£30.00
Twopenny Single to Starbeck, early public transport in the Harrogate Area. The origins of the West Yorkshire Road Car Company Ltd., 2000, 204pp, significant crease on back cover, Leach£15.00
Waverley, Portrait of a Famous Route, Siviter, 1996, 190 pics with captions£15.00
Yorkshire Traction, Early Development, Sykes, 1982, 68pp£15.00