Second Hand Catalogue
New customers: please note that I always try and note serious defects, but not blemishes like inscriptions, bookplates, odd handwritten notes, slight creasing/grubbiness/tears, dust spots, or rusty staples. Inevitably dustwrappers (d/w) are often worn at the edges. Also folded maps often have small tears at the folds, but again, I will note any more serious tears.
Postage is extra at cost, and there is no packing charge for second-hand material. This list only represents a fraction of my stocks – please enquire about other titles.
Measurements I give for posters, plans, photographs etc. are approximate.
Abbreviations: dw = dustwrapper, pp = pages, pb or sb = softback, hb = hardback, inc = includes, OS = Omnibus Society
Finally: If anyone is considering disposing of some or all of their collections, then distance is no object, my son Barnabas [07795201502] can travel to calls in England, while I can cover Scotland.

Special/Unusual Material

12 x 5" folded into 4, London Traffic Notes & News, No.41 1918, list of motor-bus routes working from Oct 28th to Nov 3rd, LGOC brown print£25.00
12" x 4" folded, Central Railroad of New Jersey time tables, Jackson Ave, West Side Ave, Newark from 28.4. 1935£8.00
13" x 17" folded, Pocket map of Birmingham Corporation Tramways, first and last cars, Fares Stages Car Nos and Routes, 1920 edition, crease down one section£75.00
15" x 15" divided into 15 sections, superb, almost mint map and list of times for Manchester Corporation Tramways, May 1915, red and black print£125.00
16" x 16" enamelled bus stop, top = outline of s/d bus, then "Bus Stop" and finally "SELNEC" with orange flashes top and bottom, same both sides, some enamel loss top left£35.00
16" x 9" folded into 8 sections, Plymouth Corporation Tramways & Omnibuses, Plan of Routes and Stages, nice coloured bus and tram route map, car and bus routes and times, H. Stokes = Engineer & General Manager£75.00
17" x 9" folding into 9, New York City Transit System, Information Guide to Subways and Elevated Lines, 1.12.1948, on reverse very nice coloured plan of Rapid Transit Lines£25.00
19" x 15" folded into 15 sections, coloured map of Leicester Tramways & Motor Omnibus Routes and time and fare table, Tramways Services, May 1932£75.00
2.5" badge, Caledonian in capitals the C and N being larger than the rest, "silver or gunmetal£40.00
2.5" x .75", longhand lettering "BT&CCL", non ferrous£25.00
2" diameter enamel badge "SWINDON CORPORATION 127 LICENSED DRIVER" minor edge chipping, black on white, with metal ring£65.00
20" x 20", folded into 12, City of Birmingham, tram, bus and trolleybus routes, very nice coloured map, details of transport services 1935, few fold tears£45.00
21" x 11" folded into 12, Starting on July 6 1952, Buses for Trams, Final Stage, Times of First and Last Buses£15.00
21" x 5"folded into 8 sections, 11 pics, Seeing Britain, Motor Tours de Luxe, Thomas Tilling Ltd., code = K.D.S. 21886 c£30.00
3" x 3" badge, "CARDIFF 44 DRIVER" white on dark blue, some chipping, mainly round the edges£42.00
3cm x 5cm Southern National badge, capital lettering in black on white with green top and bottom, presume enamelled copper, very small loss to top left green, no pin£45.00
5" diameter circular "aluminium disc " with "Bristol" in longhand lettering in centre, 6 screw holes£25.00
6" x 4" Instructions in the Operation of Motor Coaches, by V.B.Livermore, Boston Elevated Railway November 1934, h/b, covers stained, 16pp£15.00
6" x 5" folded into 2, General, Private Motor Coaches and Motor Buses for Private Parties, 1923£15.00
6" x 6" pink card folded, Newcastle Corporation Tramways, Supplementary Fare Card, Benwell and Jesmond Dene Road, via Shieldfield, September 1912, printed on 2 sides£35.00
7" x 5" folded card W. Alexander & Sons, Dundee and Aberdeen Service, Time Table 1/1/33 ufn£35.00
8" x 8" folded, CHANGE WHEN YOU LIKE 1/- ALL DAY BY TRAMWAY, A Step towards Economy, CHANGE WHERE YOU LIKE 164 MILES OF ROUTE, red and white print£24.00
9" x 10" folded into 8 sections, lovely coloured map of London Electric railways, 2 short fold tears, "Central London Railways. The Direct Line, trains run every few minutes"£125.00
Another one but lacking the thin plastic band round the front, "Bath" in non ferrous lettering on front£35.00
Attractive badge in gold, red, blue, and white enamel, The Municipal Tramways & Transport Assn, Inc. Harrogate 1930, with clip£65.00
Attractive badge in green, white and gold, Glasgow 1934, with clip£65.00
Attractive badge in white, blue, red and gold, Brighton 1939, with clip£65.00
Attractive badge white, blue and gold, with clip, Bournemouth, 1936£65.00
Attractive merit badge in dark and light blue, white, red and gold, Blackpool Corporation Transport, with clip£50.00
Attractive merit badge in dark and light blue, white, red and gold, Blackpool Corporation Transport, with clip£50.00
Bell Punch ticket machine no. 41797, a bit more interesting than others because it has a leather belt and buckle, also the bell rings£125.00
Birmingham City Transport, Conditions of Service, Platform Staff, hb, 1950, 39pp, spine a little loose£35.00
BR LMR (Central Lines) working Time Tables of passenger trains, sections A-F inclusive, 11th September 1961 " 16th June 1962, 93+16+59+51+51+52pp£38.00
BR LMR (Western Lines) Working Time Table of passenger and freight trains between Shrewsbury & Aberystwyth, etc. Sec.H, 14 June 1965 ufn, 19pp, rust stains£5.00
BR LMR (Western Lines) Working Time Table of Passenger Trains between Crewe and Manchester, Stoke-on-Trent, Derby and Branches, 25.4 to 12.6.1960, sec. C, 141pp£15.00
BTH Electric Traction Equipment, Trolleybus Operating & Maintenance Instruction Book Wolverhampton Corporation, June 1940, re TB 282-285, Foreword, General Description of Control Scheme, Control Gear Maintenance Instructions, Master Controller and Reverser, Main Contactor, Shunt Field Contactor, Over Voltage Relay, Brake Relay, Timing Relay, Auxiliary Relay, Main Resistors, Shunt Field Resistors, Circuit Breakers, Data Sheets, Maintenance Instructions, + 20" x 30" Connection Diagram for Trolley Bus Control with Regenerative and Rheostatic Braking on Brake Pedal, X1362/86, soft covers creased at edges£95.00
Bye-Laws for the regulations of the Edinburgh omnibus Traffic 1894, s/b, 1924, 16pp, a little foxing£35.00
c.10" diameter black driver"s cap, a little worn, shiny peak with green underlay and brown leather band, metal silver and red badge. "R & W", could do with a hoover£45.00
c.6" x 1" model tram, clay, Wood and Sons, E E R/Coach, unpainted£25.00
c.6" x 1" model tram, Pantograph£25.00
c11" x 18" brass base plate for brake and controller handles, Ateliers de Constructions Electriques, ACEJ Type XVI, du Nord et De L"est a Jeumont-Nord, weighs over 5 kg, believed ex Valernciennes£85.00
c8" x 10" headlight from a Bath tram; it sits on 2 tastefully wrought iron legs and in its second modified existence I believe it was employed in amateur dramatics£150.00
City of Birmingham Tramways Co Ltd, Rules and Regulations for the Company"s Servants only, February 1899, 64pp, photo of title page, also photo of Rule Book entry to driver Lefevre 22.2.02, to that extent only incomplete£95.00
City of Birmingham, Bye-Laws with respect to Hackney Carriages, Omnibuses, Wagonettes etc., issued 1925 "to be returned with badge", 96pp£38.00
City of Leicester Tramways Dept, Instructions to men engaged on car cleaning, overhauling etc., 16pp, 1924£45.00
Daimler Model C. H. 6, Instruction book, bus and coach chassis, single and double deck, 10.3.31, some crayon and ink notes/annots, 48pp + 4 section foldout, red and black chassis lubrication key£75.00
Dingwall & Skye Railway, Plans & Sections of Proposed Deviations and of Proposed Pier at Attadale, November 1867, 22pp£18.00
Garve and Ullapool Railway, Plans and Sections, session 1890, 10pp£12.00
Glasgow Corporation Transport, Motorbus Section, Rules and Regulations, revised edition 1954, 76pp£25.00
Glasgow Corporation Transport, Underground Section, Rules and Regulations, revised edition 1961, 172pp£25.00
History of The Manchester Ship Canal by Sir Bosdin Leech, 1907, in two cloth bound volumes, gold blocking, 333pp & 351pp, there are plenty of reprints available but hardly any originals like these£250.00
How to Become a Competent Motorman, by V. B. Livermore, and J. Williams, Brooklyn RTC, being a practical treatise on the proper method of operating a street railway motor car, also giving details how to overcome certain defects, 1902, 232pp, ink stain front cover£95.00
Instructions to Drivers and Conductors of public Service Vehicles, Wells (Claims Mgr to Scottish MTC etc.,) 1932, 36pp, cloth covers a little rubbed£45.00
Leicester City Transport, General Instructions, Traffic Circulars, Rules, Regulations, Bye-laws etc for the guidance of employees, 64+28pp + Highway Code 24pp, metal clasp is rusty and there are rusty marks opposite inside front and back covers, a few stains to covers£75.00
Loch Maree and Aultbea Railway, Plans and Sections of Proposed Railways, session 1893, 14pp£14.00
London and North Eastern Railway Commercial Geography, private, for use of company"s staff only, 1925, + 36pp revision sheets, 1931, 178pp + large black & white foldout, + smaller coloured folded map showing natural products with rail and steamship connections, includes coalfields and ports + fishing, iron and steel and inland centres of industry served by LNER£75.00
London Transport (Country Buses & Coaches), Traffic Circulars 106-157, 1.1 to 31.12.1936, part leather covers worn£150.00
London Transport (Country Buses & Coaches), Traffic Circulars 190-216, 1.1 to 31.12.1938, similar binding£125.00
LTE Central Road Services, Dept of the Operating Manager, Traffic Circulars vol.37 1-26, 6.1 to 21.12.1956, part leather binding rubbed in places with small loss at top of spine£50.00
LTE Central Road Services, Dept of the Operating Manager, volume 40 circulars 1-27, 2.1 to 18.12.1959, part leather binding rubbed in places, small tears to TC15 & 16, some pp loose£65.00
Newcastle Corporation Transport and Electricity Committee, Special instructions for Race Traffic, Three Race Days June 1921, 9" x 7" folded card£35.00
Newcastle-upon-Tyne Corporation Transport and Electricity Undertaking, Notice to Motormen Conductors and Others, 15pp, 1924£75.00
Oldham Borough Tramways, Bye-Laws and Regulations, 14pp, 1881, h/b with gold blocking£65.00
P.L.A. Railways, (Port of London Authority), very rare, Peacock 1952, 117pp, hard bound in blue cloth£75.00
Plans and Sections of the Dingwall & Skye Railway extending from the Town of Dingwall to Kyleakin Ferry, 1864, 61pp£35.00
Practical Construction of Electric Tramways, Bowker, 1914, 119pp, + 52+pp books and adverts£35.00
Routemaster Bus 1954 onwards (all marks), Enthusiasts" Manual, 2011, 164pp£15.00
Salford City Tramways, Regulations and Instructions for Motormen, Conductors and Trolley Boys, undated (Moffet = Gen Mgr), 104pp£85.00
Section of Glasgow destination blind featuring Baillieston, Blairdardie, Knightswood, Dalmarnock, Gairbraid Avenue, Robertson St., and Glasgow Cross, usual damp marks and signs of use£25.00
Section of Glasgow destination blind featuring Dalmarnock, Springfield Road, Dennistoun, Shawfield, Anderston Cross, Bon Accord St., Battlefield, Bridge Street£20.00
Section of Glasgow destination blind featuring Riddrie, Alexandra Park, Burnside, Auchenshuggle, Dalmuir West, Scotstoun, Farme Cross, Clydebank, Whiteinch, Partick, Scotstoun West, Knightswood, Blairdardie, some significant creasing and some tears£20.00
Service Manual for Leyland Vehicles, Model Titan chassis IDS/Petrol, s/b, a little staining to front cover; some of the margins have been affected by damp so there is some discoloration and crinkling; Controls and Operation, Maintenance and Docking, Engine Auxiliaries, Radiator, Torque Converter, Transmission, Rear Axle, Front Axle, Brakes, Road Springs, Shock Absorbers, Electrical Equipment, Wiring Diagram£145.00
Sheffield Corporation Tramways & Motors, Motormen and Conductors, Rules, Regulations and working Instructions, 3M/10/2/26, h/b with gold blocking, 76pp + Electro Pneumatic Brakes, Instructions to Motormen and Conductors, 8pp, 1929, + 1p notice conveyance of pigeons on tram cars+ 1p notice to conductors re damaging polished capping on tops of seats, 1928, + others re starting of cars by conductors, bell signals and Town Hall Traffic Signals£135.00
Similar PSV CONDUCTOR badge, black white and green with brass clip, HH 53153£25.00
Souvenir of the Leeds and Morley Tramway System, inaugurated 5.7.1911, leather, 66pp but map excised£18.00
Stockport Corporation Tramways, Rules and Regulations for Drivers and Guards, February 1928, 98pp, covers grubby & some crinkling£75.00
The Birmingham and Midland Motor Omnibus Company Limited, Rules and Regulations for Drivers and Conductors, September 1946, 58+pp£45.00
The Fixing of Rates and Fares, Marriott, Assistant Traffic Manager Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway, 1908, 85+pp£15.00
The Highland Railway Company, Plans & Sections of a Proposed Branch Railway from the Dingwall & Skye Section at Fodderty to Strathpeffer Spa, Session 1884, 9pp, (I went to school at Fodderty for about 9 months in 1948/49)£10.00
The London United Tramways Limited, Bye-laws and Regulations, 28pp, has been folded£65.00
The Management of Electric Tramways and Light Railways, Bowker, 1904, 291pp + Spon publications 40pp, tears at front and back hinges reveal webbing£75.00
The Track of the Twenty-fives, London (St. Pancras) to Manchester (Central), illustrated description of the journey, LMS Route Book no.5, some foxing, 52pp£15.00
Tramway Track Constructions and Maintenance, Bickerstsaffe Holt, Tramway World, cloth hardback, 1915, 250pp + 22pp adverts£125.00
Unique in my experience, 12 bay wooden rack on each side of a plywood centre, so 24 bays in all; it has been so heavily used that the edges of the central plywood have been severely cropped up to half their width; rusty springs; tickets on both sides are a mixture of Safeway Services and omnibus tickets, mostly pre-decimal£35.00