A History of the British Steam Tram Volume 3




Tramway Companies C-L. Earlier editions of this leaflet anticipated that this volume would cover tramways up to the letter “R”. Very early on it became apparent this was impossible as in C-L alone there are 14 tramways. We have added five appendices which range far and wide in their subject matter. The former includes an island tramway, Guernsey; one, Heywood Corporation Tramways, was truly ephemeral but the reasons for its very existence were unique, while Huddersfield was, initially, the only Corporation authorised to run their own services. The North East is well represented with Gateshead, Hartlepools and Drypool & Marfleet. The Dudley-based tramways were quite different to one another, with one, the Dudley, Sedgley & Wolverhampton, passing through three sets of operators before finally collapsing into the arms of the B.E.T and Wolverhampton Corporation.


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