Battery Trams of the British Isles




David Voice, 56pp, B5, £12.

Chapter 1 – Camille Alphonse Faure, Anthony Reckenzaun and The Electric PowerStorage Company Ltd
Chapter 2 – Vittorio Giovanni Lironi, Moritz Immisch and The General ElectricPower and Traction Company
Chapter 3 – Chaimsonovitz Prosper Elieson, The Electric Traction Syndicate, The Electric Light and Power Company and The Elieson Electric Company Ltd
Chapter 4 – Edmond Julien, Elwell-Parker, The Electric Construction Company and Birmingham Central Tramways Company (Later The City of Birmingham Tramways Company)
Chapter 5 – Australian Interlude; Edmond Julien, Elwell-Parker and The Brush Electrical Engineering Company
Chapter 6 – Alfred James Jarman and The Electric Tramcar Syndicate
Chapter 7 – Brief Experiments: Ryde Pier, Paul F. Ribbe, John Eades Manchester, Swansea and Mumbles Railway and Hearne Bay Pier
Chapter 8 – Modern Use of Battery Tramcars: Seaton Tramway, Blackpool Conduit Car, Douglas Cable Car, Southport Pier
Chapter 9 – Why battery trams failed and is there now a future?
Appendix 1 – Chronology of battery tramcars in the British Isles

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