Edinburgh Street Tramways Company Rules and Regulations for the Servants




1883, 56pp, limited edition of 250, softback,

Chapter & appendix headings: General Notices; Rules and Regulations to be observed by Workmen in the Car Making, Smith, Farrier, Saddlery, and Lighting Departments; Inspectors*; Conductors**; Instructions to Conductors as to Collection of Fares and Issuing of Tickets; Superintendents of Stables; Superintendent of Car Repairs; Superintendent of Permanent Way; Drivers; Trace Boys; Rail Cleaners; Sections into which Inspectors are to be distributed; Sections for Rail Cleaners; Regulations for Carmen’s Shelter; also details of fares and distances.
* “In endeavouring to secure honesty in the Conductors, shall visit the Cars running in his section as often as possible while he is on duty, at unexpected times and in unexpected places…”
** “Must be sober and cleanly in his person and dress, respectably clothed, constantly on the outlook for passengers, and conduct himself in a civil, proper, and respectful manner to every one…Passengers shall not be permitted to travel inside any of the Cars who, by their dress or clothing, or by any bundle or package they may carry, are likely to soil the linings or cushions of the carriage, or be offensive to others, or who are evidently labouring under infectious disease…”

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