Fell Mountain Railways




Keith Pearson, 362pp, hardback, A4,

Personal Introduction
PrologueThe Fell’s Ancestral Landscape
Chapter 1The Fells, 1700-1850
Chapter 2Fell and Jopling: in Furness and in Italy
Chapter 3The Fell Engine Trials
Chapter 4The Fell Engine Trials, continued
Chapter 5The Mont Cenis: the Pass and the Railway
Chapter 6Company Affairs, 1865-1866
Chapter 7Company Affairs, 1866-1867
Chapter 8Company Affairs, 1867-1868
Chapter 9The Final Years, 1868-1871
Chapter 10Train Services and Operating Practices
Chapter 11The Locomotives and Stock of the M.C.R
Chapter 12Fell’s Narrow Gauge Adventures
Chapter 13South American Adventure: the Cantagallo
Chapter 14The New Zealand Fell Railways
Chapter 15The Works of George Noble Fell

Appendix 1The Fell Patents
Appendix 2Fell System Proposals that did not Proceed
Appendix 3The Lartigue Connection

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