Life of Richard Trevithick





Early Cornish engines; Richard Trevithick, Sen.; Smeaton & Watt; early life of Trevithick; plunger-pole pump and water-pressure engine; high-pressure whim-engine; Camborne common road locomotive; patent of 1802 and London locomotive; tram and railway locomotives; partnership, and early high-pressure engines; high-pressure steam dredger; Thames driftway; iron tanks; ships of wood and iron; propelling vessels by steam; recoil engine and tubular boiler; various inventions; agricultural engines – loss of papers; pole steam-engine; the Watt and Trevithick engines at Dolcoath; engines for South America; Peru; Costa Rica; return to England; gun-carriage, iron ships, hydraulic crane; ice making; drainage of Holland, chain-pump, open-top cylinder, Hayle harbour, patent rights, petition to Parliament; tubular boiler, superheating steam, surface condenser; heating apparatus, marine steam-engines, reform column; over 80 illustrations.

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