Second Hand Catalogue
New customers: please note that I always try and note serious defects, but not blemishes like inscriptions, bookplates, odd handwritten notes, slight creasing/grubbiness/tears, dust spots, or rusty staples. Inevitably dustwrappers (d/w) are often worn at the edges. Also folded maps often have small tears at the folds, but again, I will note any more serious tears.
Postage is extra at cost, and there is no packing charge for second-hand material. This list only represents a fraction of my stocks – please enquire about other titles.
Measurements I give for posters, plans, photographs etc. are approximate.
Abbreviations: dw = dustwrapper, pp = pages, pb or sb = softback, hb = hardback, inc = includes, OS = Omnibus Society
Finally: If anyone is considering disposing of some or all of their collections, then distance is no object, my son Barnabas [07795201502] can travel to calls in England, while I can cover Scotland.

A History of Kingston upon Hull's Tramways£50.00
A History of the British Steam Tram Volume 1£40.00
A History of the British Steam Tram Volume 2£40.00
A History of the British Steam Tram Volume 3£45.00
A History of the British Steam Tram Volume 4£45.00
A History of the British Steam Tram Volume 5£45.00
A History of the British Steam Tram Volume 6£45.00
A History of the British Steam Tram Volume 7 (in 2 parts)£95.00
All Dressed Up and Somewhere to Go£20.00
Around Bournemouth by Trolleybus£47.00
Around Brighton by Trolleybus - Part 1£45.00
Around Cardiff by Trolleybus£35.00
Around Derby by Trolleybus£45.00
Around Ipswich by Trolleybus£45.00
Around London by Trolleybus - Part One£32.00
Around the Glasgow Tramway System with Peter Mitchell£42.00
Battery Trams of the British Isles£12.00
Bibliography of British & Irish Tramcars£35.00
Bill and Jim - A London Trolleybus Crew£35.00
Bournemouth Trolleybuses£60.00
British tramcar manufacturers – British Westinghouse and Metropolitan-Vickers£16.00
British Tramway Accidents£35.00
Buses, Coaches... and People Volume 1£35.00
Devon General - As it Was£15.00
Double Deck Trams of the World, Beyond the British Isles£18.00
Double-Deck Trolleybuses of the World, Beyond the British Isles£16.00
Edinburgh Street Tramways Company Rules and Regulations for the Servants£8.00
Edinburgh’s Transport. Volume 2£20.00
Electric Railway Dictionary£45.00
Electric Tramway Traction£25.00
Explosive Power on Tramways in the British Isles£20.00
Fell Mountain Railways£45.00
Freight on Street Tramways£12.00
George Francis Train’s Banquet, report of 1860 on the opening of the Birkenhead tramway£10.00
History and Development of Steam Locomotion on Common Roads£18.00
Hong Kong Tramways Limited - Rules, Regulations & instructions for Inspectors, Motormen, Conductors and other Traffic Department Employees.£25.00
Hospital Tramways and Railways - 4th edition£25.00
How to go Tram and Tramway Modelling, third edition£20.00
Huddersfield, the trolleybus years£50.00
Last Rides, Funeral Trams Around the World£10.00
Life of Richard Trevithick£25.00
Life of Thomas Telford: Civil Engineer£145.00
London County Council Tramways, map and guide to car services, February 1915£8.00
London Transport Country Buses Part 2 - North£40.00
London Trolleybus Depots - Part 3£44.00
London's Last Trams£28.00
Manx Electric Railway Saga£38.80
Metropolitan Electric, London United and South Metropolitan Electric Tramways routes map and guide, summer 1925£8.00
Modern Tramway, reprint of volumes 1 & 2, 1938-1939£38.00
Monorails of the World£25.00
My 50 years in Transport£10.00
My Life in Many States and in Foreign Lands£12.00
Next Stop Seaton! – 66 Years of Modern Electric Tramways Ltd£25.00
Next Stop Seaton. 55 Years of Modern Electric Tramways Ltd£20.00
O'er Highland Highways£50.00
Omnibuses and Cabs – their Origin & History£25.00
Pontypridd Trolleybuses£40.00
Portsmouth Trolleybuses£48.00
Shocking Solutions to a Current Problem£16.00
Slot Machines - The History of Cable-Hauled Street Tramways in the British Isles£25.00
Street Railways, their construction, operation and maintenance£40.00
The Age of the Horse Tram£40.00
The Definitive Guide to Trams in the British Isles£20.00
The Development of the Modern Tram£40.00
The Douglas Horse Tramway£14.50
The Feltham Car of the Metropolitan Electric and London United Tramways£5.00
The History of Worcester’s Tramways£25.00
The Kidderminster and Stourport Electric Tramway Company Ltd£25.00
The Life of Isambard Kingdom Brunel£20.00
The Railways of Scotland£15.00
The Tram Driver£20.00
The Tramways of the Potteries£25.00
The Twilight Years of the Edinburgh Tram£25.00
The Twilight Years of the Glasgow Tram£25.00
The Twilight Years of the Trams in Aberdeen and Dundee£25.00
The Wantage Tramway£28.00
The Wearing of the Green£12.00
The West Midlands Metro and Very Light Railway£35.00
Toy and Model Trams of the World – Volume 2: Plastic, white metal and brass models and kits£30.00
Toy and Model Trams of the World, Volume 1£25.00
Trackless to Trolleybus – Trolleybuses of the British Isles£50.00
Tram and Bus Tokens of the British Isles£20.00
Trams Across the Wear: Remembering Sunderland’s Electric Trams£35.00
Trams and Trolleybuses in Hastings, St. Leonards-on-Sea and Bexhill 1905-1959£40.00
Trams, Trolleybuses and Buses and the Law before De-regulation£15.00
Tramway Reflections£25.00
Tramway Review, Volumes 1 and 2£23.00
Tramways – Their Construction and Working£28.00
Tramways and Electric Railways in the Nineteenth Century£23.00
Tramways of Brighton and its Surrounds£25.00
Treatise upon Cable or Rope Traction£45.00
Trolleybuses in East Central London£30.00
Trolleybuses in London's Docklands£25.00
Trolleybuses in West Central London£34.50
Works Tramcars of the British Isles£25.00